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Two internally developed software systems monitor and control all aspects of our process.


Order Entry Software

Master processes are used for repeat parts to generate the work order to ensure the same cycle every time with revision tracking. Our custom-designed software tracks each operation with mistake-proofing to ensure prior operation is complete before allowing next operation.























All operations must be biometrically "signed off" before final inspection is allowed. Work orders have to be approved before shipping papers can be generated.




Human Machine Interface

Furnace set points are entered from the work order using this software. The HMI software monitors all process parameters and equipment mechanical parameters with user settable deviation alarms and data logging of all parameters monitored. Connects to our order entry software to verify process set points of the equipments matches the work order.






















All access to our order entry and machine interface software is controlled by biometrics (fingerprint). The use of fingerprint tracks all data entry, process set point changes, operation start/stop sign off, and inspection by employee with exact date/time. All employees are listed in our "permission" matrix and gain additional access as they complete training.


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